Q: What are your minimums?

A: The minimums are dependent on the style #

Q: What does OSFA mean?

A: One size fits most. One size fits most women.

Q: Where are Bayside products made?

A: Made in the USA. All of the products are cut and sewn in Bayside’s manufacturing facilities. Bayside, is one of the few Vertical Mills, in the U.S.A.

Q: What is sweatshop free?

A: We claim that our products are sweatshop-free, because we pay our employees a fair wage, according to Federal wage and hourly laws, which are rarely respected. Unlike other companies which have gone offshore, or which uses sub-contractors, we insist on knowing the faces of our employees.

Q: Are Bayside Products union made?

A: All Bayside brand products are proudly American Made! We have one plant that is Union (Teamsters), which we offer five styles under the UNION BRAND LABEL.